About Us + our fabulous Architect Studio in Noosa

A little about Me/Us

ArchitectureXchange Ltd. is a Boutique Sole Practice founded by Architect Anéne Cusins-Lewer in Wellington, New Zealand in 1998. The ArchitectureXchange Studio relocated to Noosa in 2011.

As well as being a Registered Architect in both Queensland and New Zealand, I am an intrepid multi-tasker.

Since graduating from the School of Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand in 1996, with first class honours and several academic awards, I have been involved in various teaching roles. These ranged from first to final year levels across a spectrum of subjects in Architecture; lecturer, course co-ordinator, studio tutor, guest critique, and examination assessor. This academic involvement has included post-graduate research, writings and presentations conducted at the doctorate level with a specific focus on the interdisciplinary discourse between Architecture and Medicine on health issues. Teaching and academic commitments have been managed in conjunction with being the Principal Architect of ArchitectureXchange Studio.

My interest in Architecture and Health was most likely shaped by family and a daily immersion in discussions on health and disease. These have attuned me as a practising Architect to the vulnerability and fragility of the human frame. This, coupled with my passion for architecture and deep respect for cultural, historical, social and natural resources, has engendered an acute awareness of the importance of design in creating eco-beneficial healthy environments; inhabited spaces which ‘feel-good’, ‘do-good’ and allow people to comfortably go about their daily rituals and rhythms.

A bit about the studio….

The ArchitectureXchange Studio is located amidst the health-giving bush regions in Noosa. Anene will be your Architect sharing her specialisation in Residential Projects with a specific focus on:

  • Contemporary Healthy Homes
  • Elegant Eco-beneficial living solutions

ArchitectureXchange aims to Simply Make Change Positive

Through a design and delivery process focussed on research, creative collaboration, pro-and-interactive facilitation, we seek refined solutions to enable you to live in a responsive, eco-beneficial, contemporary healthy home with meaningful connections to social, cultural and natural Noosa surroundings.

Architectural design is approached as a transformative process. Essentially, the role of the Architect is as an agent for change. Our response recognises your distinct and unique change-needs by firstly shaping a framework for the design and delivery programme that fits best with you. We then work collaboratively with you in carefully crafting an eco-beneficial healthy living home environment; sensitive to your specific health, living, environmental, budgetary and time targets.

Stylistically, we tend to overlook the ‘trendy’ in favour of refined and responsible outcomes oozing an elegant, sophisticated, liveable, inspired and timeless quality.

ArchitectureXchange Pty Ltd

Anéne Cusins-Lewer Registered Architect [Noosa, Queensland]


Transforming Design Ideas Into Inspirational Healthy Homes