Exclusively with, and for, You.

At the Architect Studio of ArchitectureXchange in Noosa, our passion for design is exclusively inclusive.

A process of close creative collaboration from go-to-whoa for each Healthy Home project is adopted. The involvement of clients is welcomed. This inclusive approach reveres individual, cultural, environmental and social values; a proven formula for enhancing and enriching the lived experience of homes with a healthy dose of the ‘feel-good’ factor.

ArchitectureXchange operates exclusively as a boutique Architect studio undertaking a small number of commissions in the Noosa region. Collaborations with another architect or client nominated contractors and consultants have been successful. Experience in projects undertaken with international (or inter-state) clients outside of the area have been managed effectively with the use of online communication tools and technologies.

You, the place you select for your Healthy Home project, your needs, aspirations and objectives are all we need to spark design inspiration. Together …. change simply happens.

Collaboration – you X me (+ others) = success

Anene (yep…me) personally undertakes the Architect Services for your Healthy Home project. Although architectural services offered by ArchitectureXchange covers the full suite from pre-design investigation to post-construction completion, selections from the suite, attuned to your specific requirements and objectives, are set out with options for your consideration after our first meeting. If you would like to book a chat or find out more about how ArchitectureXchange works collaboratively with you to make those (little or large) changes happen, Click Here.

Some highlights of what you could expect in Collaborating on an exclusive basis with ArchitectureXchange for your Healthy Home project

  • A consistently professional, thorough and frank approach.
  • Lots of chatting as we get to know you, and get a feel for your needs, aspirations and objectives.
  • A realistic assessment and overview of your Healthy Home project using our Needs and Options Review. [click here] This includes proactive guidance on how to proceed with your project. Investigations and research are conducted so as to highlight potential challenges, constraints and design opportunities. Together with options for cost-effective, ESD and healthy building considerations related to design, construction methods, materials and finishes the Needs and Options Review specifically addresses your objectives.

Although the Needs and Options Review is integral to the suite of Architects Services, it can be undertaken as a separate service prior to the engagement of ArchitectureXchange per se.

  • Providing timely presentations for visualisation of your project (using a selection of techniques and technologies including 3-D CAD-generated modelling). These will assist you in understanding the design as it progresses from initial conceptual explorations through the tweaking, refining and detailing phases.
  • A carefully, creatively crafted design which responds to your specific needs and surroundings and the broader context.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive, thoroughly detailed and well integrated documentation set for certification, approval permits, pricing, contractual purposes and use by trades on site.
  • Timely delivery and prompt responding.
  • Clear reporting and regular monitoring of time and cost.
  • Pleasurable tales of the journey

The compliments from authorities, consultants and tendering contractors on the thoroughness and high quality of documentation which we receive in the ArchitectureXchange Studio is rewarding for us and our clients.

At ArchitectureXchange, we see professional fees as your investment. For us, success is a goal shared with our clients.

Reciprocally, we value the strong commitment and involvement from clients to their project and the Architect Studio, ArchitectureXchange. ArchitectureXchange has a client base of delighted Healthy Homeowners Here.

A suite of Professional Residential Design Services and options is offered after initial consultation. The Schedule of Fees prepared by ArchitectureXchange for you will be set out according to your unique requirements and fitted appropriately to the type, scope, scale, duration, budget and complexity of your Healthy Home Project. The Schedule of Fees will include an overall breakdown into Project Stages so as to assist and involve clients in identifying important nodes for input, applications, approvals and selections. This is a facilitation tool for assisting in understanding timelines, anticipating and mitigating potential risks and monitoring progress of your Coastal Home Project.

The ArchitectureXchange studio in Noosa operates on providing Architect services on an exclusive and personal basis with clients to maintain quality standards in design and management throughout your project at affordable rates. Our preference is to limit project numbers to fit in with current capabilities and resources and to enable us to do what we do best for our clients.

Service List:
  • Site selection, analysis and appraisal
  • Pre-Design Research
  • Solar Modelling, analysis and application for design
  • Planning and Development Applications
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Conceptual Design
  • Design Development, Integration, Refinement and Resolution
  • Detailed Design and Documentation – for Pricing, Building Certification Applications and Construction
  • Contractor Selection, Tender Co-ordination, Assessment and Negotiation
  • Contract Observation during Construction
  • Contract Administration during Construction
  • Post-Construction Administration until Project Completion
  • Additional Services: Interior, Furniture and Landscape Design